Our History

The tradition of the Black Olive Restaurant continues and expands. With the opening of the new Inn at the Black Olive the Spiliadis family welcomes you to join us in celebrating the fruits of generations of hospitality and good living. The family history, which underlies the present day restaurant and inn, begins in the traditional kitchens of our grandmother and our grandmother's grandmother.

A small inn by the sea in Istambul, a hundred years ago. The moving tides of history. The family two generations ago, restarting their life by opening a taverna. In those days they were refugees in their own country of Greece, whose only real wealth was their knowledge of ingredients and cooking, and their hospitality. But the cooking was legendary and well-loved. The tides of history pulled and pushed again and after wartime the children came to America, came with their mother's recipes and with the sense of community that is created through breaking bread together and toasting with a glass of good wine. When you stay with us we bring you living history in our proudest expression of tradition.

Be our guests and let us treat you like family. We are proud to share with you the finest gifts that have been handed down to us through the generations.

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