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Join us Tuesday November 27th

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The Black Olive 


The Wines of Santorini

An exclusive tasting and purchase opportunity featuring:

The great Producers and top wines from Santorini

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With its 3000 year plus history of wine making, the volcanic terroir and unique micro climate keep the vines suffering to create mineral rich wine with incredible acidity and character.  Fresh from a visit to these wineries, I look forward to sharing the winemaker’s stories and the story of the great wines of Santorini. Very limited production and the fact that the world has caught on to the secret of these wines make them difficult to find. Come join me to taste wines from 5 different vineyards and have the opportunity to purchase small amounts. They make the perfect unique gift for the holidays. I look forward to sharing a beautiful evening of Greek food and Wine with you.

Dimitris Spiliadis

First course

Oysters Xenocrates

Santo Assyrtiko, 2017

Second course

Grilled diver scallop

Domaine Sigalas Assyrtiko/Athiri, 2016 

Third course

Mini crab cake

2016 Vassaltis Santorini

Fourth course

Chicken souvlaki

2015 Venetsanos Niktiri

Fifth course

Greek cheese plate

2013 Gavala Mavrotragano

Limited Seating

$60 per person

We have available at the tasting special pricing on these and a few other hard to find wines from Santorini.